special machine part for working with fibres

Challenge: To develop a fine nozzle to hold and position fine fibres such as optical fibres.
Our client produces testing and integration technology, and uses extremely small parts in microfibres to manufacture specialist machinery. Our job was to develop a flat nozzle which would allow fibres to be put in place accurately using vacuum technology.

Solution: We adapted and produced an appropriate micro-part to suit the vacuum specifications of our client and deliver the required precision.

Production involved following services:

  • Tempering semi-finished materials
  • Ensuring sufficient vacuum tightness by lapping
  • Helium-leakage test to control vacuum tightness

Special details: The extremely small dimensions of this machine part made precise production a challenge. The process required accurate drilling – 0.25 mm in stainless steel – milling tiny channels and laser-welding of individual components.