for locating mines

Challenge: To develop a sonar mine detector for use by underwater vehicles.
A defence company asked us to make a sonar transponder to detect mines under water. Because plans of existing transponders had been lost, we had to recreate and construct a new device. Obsolete parts needed to be recreated and interfaces developed, and the new device needed to be adjusted and calibrated to suit its purpose.

Solution: The transponder which GERADTS produced delivers data reliably even in difficult conditions. It resists seawater and is extremely watertight.

We provided or continue to provide the following services:

  • Development and production of rotation and tilt mechanism
  • Production of fine mechanical components
  • Cable assembly
  • Production of specially designed seals
  • Special treatments for exposed surfaces

Special details: To replace an obsolete part, we developed a method to place a slip ring in an extremely tight space.