Replacement of obsolete parts

Plugs for electricity and data

Challenge: To replace cables linking reconnaissance boats to minesweepers. Minesweeping ships often have small boats which sail out in front to detect mines. These boats are connected to the mothership by cables, which transmit electricity and data. A plug-and-socket system was needed to connect strong seawater-resistant cables between ship and reconnaissance boats. The project was launched by the German Navy’s Marine Arsenal and financed by the Federal Bureau for Defence Technology and Purchasing.

Solution: GERADTS developed a connection system based on old parts. As documents and plans were no longer on file, calibration and interfaces needed to be reconstructed. The plugs and sockets we developed are capable of carrying data and very large currents of energy reliably, even in high seas.

This project involved the following services:

  • Re-development and reconstruction of plugs and sockets 
  • Use of specialised highly resistant materials and treatments for exposed surfaces
  • Production of gold-plated contacts
  • Integration of the contacts in a specially-developed sealing compound 
  • Production of individual seals using vacuum casting

Special details: Plugs and sockets must withstand wide temperature ranges, salt water and heavy seas. They must also transmit power and data reliably under pressure and tension.
The geometry of the plugs and fixation of the cables has been designed to withstand high tension. Seals and sealing compound were created using vacuum technology.