for naval vessels

Challenge: To produce special windscreen wipers for naval vessels. Naval ships use a variety of sensors for reconnaissance and weapon systems, and these sensors must function reliably at all times. Windscreen wipers can disturb the sensors, and GERADTS was asked by a defence supplier to develop special wipers.

Solution: We used the specifications and interface information provided by the client to construct wipers that did not disturb sensors, and were also able to withstand the salt water, strong winds and temperatures ranges of the high seas.

We provided and indeed continue to provide the following services:

  • Development
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Servicing including replacement parts and logistics for wear and tear
  • Integration of electronics to control the wipers

Special details: In order not to disturb important sensors, the wipers have to wipe extremely quickly. It was also necessary to integrate the control system into the systems which monitor the sensors, which have the power to stop the wipers in order to make measurements.

The system also has to be extremely watertight and resistant to saltwater, withstand weapons blast and operate reliably in stormy conditions.